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Hard Coating Reflective Glass

  • Hard Coating Reflective Glass
Name:Hard Coating Reflective Glass
COLORS:Blue: Dark Blue, Lake Blue, Ford Blue, Sky Blue, Royal Blue, Ocean Blue Green: Dark Green, French Green Grey: Dark Grey, Euro Grey, Mist Grey, Century Grey, Dark Black Bronze: Dark Bronze, Euro Bronze, Red Bronze Clear Golden Pink etc
THICKNESS:3mm, 3.2mm, 4mm, 5mm, 5.5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm etc. Non-standard thickness can also be produced to order on request.
SIZE:2134x1524mm, 2140x1650mm, 2250x1605mm, 2250x1650mm, 2400x1650mm, 2440x1650mm, 3300x2134/2140/2250/2440mm, 3660x2134/2140/2250/2440mm etc

Product Description


REGENCO Hard Coating Reflective Glass is made by on-line coating system. Advanced CVD technology(chemical vapor deposition) 

creates a perfectly uniformed layer of metal oxide chemically bonded to the surface of the body tinted glass; as this hard chemical

layer fully bonds to the glass.

Reflective Glass reduces the transmission of solar heat radiation. It is widely used in architect’s designs. It is suitable for glass 

curtain wall and blends well with metal, concrete, tiles, granite, marble and other building materials.

1.  A wide choice of external appearances with varying degrees of reflectance
2.  Solar Control: This glass reflects a large proportion of the solar radiation, thereby restricting the heat gain inside the building.
3.  Superior Visual Comfort: Reflects away the right quantum of daylight so as to limit glare, while allowing adequate amount of natural light.
4.  Superior Durability: High wear and superior scratch resistance
5.  Easy in deep processing: It can be cut, bent, tempered, heat strengthened and laminated without affecting the coating.


Reflective Glass is widely used in curtain walls for modern buildings because it reduces solar heat and enhances 

its attractive appearances, like in bank offices, government buildings, commercial buildings, schools, etc.

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