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Louver Glass

  • Louver Glass
Name:Louver Glass
GLASS COLORS:Clear,Blue,Green,Grey,Bronze
THICKNESS:4mm, 5mm, 6mm
SIZE:4x24’, 4x30’, 6x24’, 6x30’, 6x36’ etc
PACKAGE:Carton or wooden cases

Product Description


REGENCO Louver Glass is produced by clear glass, tinted glass or patterned glass. By cutting to the standard sizes and 

polishing the two long side edges as the flat or round shape, which will protect the fingers from hurting, also supplies 

a modern performance in application.

Clear louver glass is operated by clear float glass with a crank or tum-screw, the glass louvers tilt to open, permitting air flow. 

Besides the fact that they do not obstruct the view, their biggest advantage is that they allow ventilation. A wall of jalousie windows 

can be opened to let breezes flow, making the indoors feel like outside. Rooms can enjoy excellent lighting, even when the louvers 

are closed. Speed, direction and scope of ventilation can be easily adjusted.


1.   Dies not obstruct the view, allowed ventilation

2.   The angles, direction, and scope of ventilation can be adjusted



Windows of buildings

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